Green Living in Condominium

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Living in a concrete jungle is not a pleasant thing. However, due to the needs or for the sake of convenience, such as near your school, working place, business or usual activities, you have lesser option not to. But it does not need to endue it if you know how to make a twist. Put some green color around you may help to relieve the stress in living inside a concrete jungle.


Nowadays, there are advocates to promote the preservation of environment. They are promoting the use of natural, organic materials which can minimize the unnecessary damage of the environment. They are exploring the green architectural design, construction and even the use of green materials to achieve their goal. Since we are or may not technical persons, we cannot contribute much in this area. However, we can do a small way to help not only in reducing the damage to the environment but also can enhance it by planting in our living place.


Having a nice garden should be most welcomed but not everyone has the privilege to have it especially living in condominium units inside a busy city which is the best option in living, or we can say it is the only option. Condominium developers are also aware of the necessity to put in green design like in choosing the right construction materials and structural set up and allocating area to have garden areas for the plants. You may notice some buildings already have sky garden lounge on certain floors of the building or putting considerable plants within the vicinity.


As a condominium unit owner, we all know that allocating a few square meters of our pricey floor area to put plants may not be economical or is a waste of money but the difference of having plants can be enormous. They will not only provide us a pleasant environment which is beneficial to our eyes but also provide fresh oxygen for us to live Some can even filter the toxin in air. Because of limited space that we can have in a condominium unit, the choice of plants to be put is important. First, it should not occupy a big space because we only have limited space. Secondly, it should be easy to maintain because of our hectic lifestyle, time is golden not only to make money but also our resting time. Your chosen plants should be able to be put on a small corner of your working table, dining table or even shelves since we cannot have a small garden to be put inside the condominium unit because every inch counts. Furthermore, your plants should not take much of your time to be care for which any negligence may cause the death of your plants, of course not you. Lastly, it should not be expensive in acquiring.


Sum up the above requirements, CACTUS AND SUCCULENTS should be the best choice that can be considered. ¬†You can easily find lots of information online through google regarding the benefits, how to care (actually not much care is needed), ideal choice to be kept at home, how to beautify your home, etc. etc. Please feel free to check Steffy’s Place for Cactus & Succulents for varieties that may fit you.

Raymond Ong

Global Investment Director – Land Asia Global Properties Network